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vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 College Greenhouse

The vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 College greenhouse is a living laboratory, including classroom space and a state-of-the-art aquaponics facility that sustainably grows plants, vegetables and perch. The 1,400-square-foot greenhouse offers students an exciting opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, participate in research projects, and explore new career paths in food, urban agriculture, water research, conservation and human services industries. Students from different disciplines have hands-on access to the greenhouse, exploring how science, education, art and more are uniquely intertwined.

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Since the greenhouse opened for campus use in September of 2021, it has become a hub for learning and discovery for vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 students and faculty, as well as K-12 students and community members. Read more in this vnsr威尼斯城官网登入 Magazine story about how this treasure is making an impact.

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If you would like to use the greenhouse, or want to have plants grown specifically for classes, please send an email to either or to Rebekah Klingler.